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Adam Carolla Explains The Occupy Wall Street Generation

Adam Corolla explains The Occupy Wall Street Generation… His simple straight forward, honest words say more than anyone setting at an anchor desk on the nightly news or our “I know more than you do” Congressman and Senators have ever have. Grab your seat…turn up your volume (so no one will hear you scream) and […]


Occupy Wall Street Memorabilia

National Museum of American History collects Occupy Wall Street memorabilia By Roland Flamini – Special to the Washington Times Protesters jump on police barricades Thursday in New York’s Zuccotti Park, where the Occupy Wall Street movement began two months earlier. Demonstrators from coast to coast joined their call for … Read more on Washington Times


Arrestable Offense

What is an Arrestable Offense   Any Criminal act for which there is a fixed mandatory sentence, or an act which carries aminimum sentence (commonly of five years’ imprisonment)… No arrest warrant is required to arrest a person who is accused or suspected of, or is about to commit, an arrestable offense.